About the Counsel’s Chambers

Advocate Maciej Rodowicz – on Jully, 2023 joined Szołajski Legal Group sp. k. as a Senior Lawyer.

More than twenty years’ professional experience including the counsel’s solo practice has provided foundation for reliable and effective legal services rendered to companies, institutions, and individual clients.

In my practice court procedures and conducting court disputes play the central role. I have won acquittals representing my clients in criminal cases, adjudications of benefits in civil matters, favourable administrative decisions and rulings by administrative courts. Also filing motions for cassation to the Supreme Court and the Central Administrative Court I was also able to lead to rulings in accordance with our claims.

I provide representation in proceedings at law in matters taking place before courts of all instances, particularly before the Supreme Court, Central Administrative Court and courts of appeal, which requires superior knowledge and skills.

IThe chambers’ lawyers have a good command of English; we cooperate with many counsels, attorney and experts in various fields, accountants and notaries as well as certified translators in order to provide thorough and efficient legal assistance. Therefore, if it is necessary to use services of such experts, in the majority of cases we are ready to provide efficient and effective services of such associated professionals.

Scope of Services

Our chambers specialize in the following areas of law:

Civil and labour law,

Real estate matters, including transactions;

;Procedural law and arbitration;
Administrative law, court and administrative proceedings;

Tax proceedings and appeal proceedings in fiscal and tax audits;
Insolvency proceedings and debt restructuring;

Enforcement proceedings. Criminal law;


We optimise our legal services fees, estimate possible court costs of disputes, covered by the Client while maintaining the highest standard of advocate’s services based on professional approach to each case being conducted.

Depending on specificity of cases and workload involved in client’s case, we use systems of flat rate fees or hourly rates, or a mixed remuneration system.


Fees for providing legal advice or assistance, depends on the scope of service and complexity of the facts and legal issues involved. 


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